Cheap Linux Web Hosting

The Linux web hosting is a kind of development or the offshoot of the Unix web hosting. An important thing to know might also be that it is an open source variation of Unix operating system. It permits an organization or an individual to create a site & implement the servers & the hosting plans by using the Linux operating system. By using such a platform for the web development & the hosting provides the people or the companies with a huge amount of flexibility to take advantage of some kind of the best & the most widely known open source technologies like the PHP, MySQL, Python & the XML.

Of course some products can also be utilized on the windows based hosting and servers also but Linux in general also provide much more stability, flexibility & protection. At a lesser cost, it tends to be a preferred choice. Linux web hosting & the Unix web hosting are common budget host platforms utilized today & they are both pretty much the same. This ever flourishing hosting industry has permitted both the Unix & Linux web hosts to offer huge amounts of space and a wide range of features in the web host plans.

The majority of the host platforms & the servers are Linux but the windows servers of the hosting packages are pretty good for large number of people who are just starting out, it might not really be a matter. For example, we can set up a WordPress on a windows host plan & we can also get Pearl & PHP. The implementation can also be tricky & it is also a rule of thumb that it cannot be as stable. However if we are searching for flexibility & to have as much control as possible it is important to select the right one.

So if we plan to work with a number of open source software & programs & are looking predominately to utilize the LAMP. The shared hosting works on the widely used combination of LAMP i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Each one of the packages contain a number of additional features as listed & also come along with the cPanel. The web space rates begin at very cheap rates i.e. Rs.588 per year. The site hosting with some awesome features is available at very cheap server rates.