It is very confusing for most of the webmasters for either should they or not use the Windows OS on their server. The Windows web hosting operates on the same server where our content is kept, but the website run efficiently. From the first glance Windows looks the same to the user, but it is not that way, it is quite different. Here I am discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Windows using for web hosting. There are a lot of advantages to opt the Windows operating system platform, but has also some cons to Windows hosting. Some of the reasons to use this OS and May not want to use it are as below:

Window hosting server makes possible, to execute the conception frameworks, SharePoint, or .NET framework. In this Windows has the big advantage when we want to add special Windows applications to the web site. Some of them are Active Server Pages, VisualBasic, or .NET script languages, or using Microsoft SQL databases.

Some of the advantages are as →

→ It is very much consistent and flexible I n terms of website hosting resolutions. It permits us to host several websites from the sole tab. Its servers generates sub domains which can run are database friendly websites (like SQL Server) and also expands server segment utilities on the website.

→ Windows hosting also entails .Net Framework that makes it an excellent choice for the websites that are created using .Net, ASP and the Visual Basic Language. This language enables the website to work faster and is obviously less complicated to use.

→Its operating system comes with a lot of different settings that are automatically disabled right out of the box which gives an added piece of security.

Some of the disadvantages are as follows →

→ As Linux is used by more hosts, so we could possibly run into some compatibility issues. But fewer developers have run into this problem over the years. As we are not just limited to ASP as it can support PHP and Perl.

→ The prices of Window hosting servers are very much higher than any other web hosting server. It is due to the reason because Windows web hosting is not free licensed software making other web servers an affordable web hosting solution.

→ The windows web server provides an average security and also loses its stability and the server if malfunction and it makes the windows server to operate slowly and even attacked by malware and viruses.