A web host service is a kind of internet hosting service which permits an individual & organizations to create their site accessible through the World Wide Web (www). Web hosts are those companies which offer space on a server which is owned and leased for use by the clients, along with it offer internet connectivity basically in a data center.

There are a very large number of affordable & cheap and even a lot of free webhosting that is present in the present world. There are some leading web hosting companies in the United States which offer high quality VPS & also cloud hosting services to the users or the clients.

These companies have increased rapidly & comes a big way as they were founded as the small shared hosting providers but nowadays they have become very well-known names in the industry & they host more than 5 lakh websites. There are also some resellers of technology products & later on they have moved on to the web hosting services so that they could maximize the profits.

These companies have offices spread across the US, Europe & the South America. There are many industry level IT solution companies who have achieved a name globally as a web hosting service provider.

There are many who have mastered the art of customizing the versatile web hosting solutions & serving the large corporate and small businesses at present. Web Hosting Services is among those who provide quality web hosting services and was established in the year 2003 & they are known for a very low price Linux web host plans which are very suitable for both the small & the medium businesses.

They offer business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, ASP.net hosting & dedicated server hosting and many more services. In Motion Hosting has now become an expert in offering so quick, reliable & affordable web hosting that is based on Linux & UNIX operating systems.

A team of this company consists of highly enthusiastic technicians & the web hosts which are known to respond very fast to any malfunctioning occuring in the server & it is the only service provider that provides maximum speed zones to their clients.

IPage.com is also a Green web host service company. It’s all servers, offices and data centers run on the wind energy & reduce its carbon footprint by buying RECs to offset the energy usage by 200 percent because of which each & every customer of iPage can show a green badge on their sites.