Softaculous scripts are implemented from the administration area of a site control panel basically through an interface tool like cPanel, Plesk, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin & InterWorx. Softaculous targets an open source software & is available in the pro & free versions.

Softaculous apps generally make tables in a database, install the software, adjust allowances & modify the web server configuration files. The pro version offers a single step installation of over two eighty applications. The free version supports installation of more than fifty apps. Ruby on Rails may be powering about 0.5 percent of our world’s sites but there are chances that we have used some of the sites which are powered by RoR.

Softaculous is that product which is situated within our cPanel that we can use to help ourselves easily install the other codes. Softaculous performs the tedious work including the software installation.

We do not have to upload more installation files or create & configure the databases, we can now simply install the programs by normally clicking on the link. Softaculous is free with each of the shared hosting accounts, VPS or the dedicated hosting customers who can buy a Softaculous license from the AMP.

If a person is a professional web developer or a webmaster & needs to install & deploy the script driven sites for our customers, then Softaculous is a great tool and with Softaculous, we do not have to worry regarding installing all the right dependencies, setting up of the database and getting all the configurations & settings options right.

Softaculous offers a whole single- click installation & a setup for the scripts & apps in a wide range of web categories like blogs, content management systems, forums, image galleries, wikis, social networks and Ad management.

If we are not utilizing a cpanel solution but we are accessing our web server straightaway, then we may take the advantage of Softaculous by installing it directly on our server on our own. We can also utilize a Softaculous Remote that works from our own computer & install the scripts to our web server through FTP.

Another method to use Softaculous in an enterprise environment is by accessing it via its own robust API. This permits us to create our own GUI on top of Softaculous and integrate the features into the other web administration products. To really amaze our clients & offer a whole range of scripts for all purposes & type of website projects, Softaculous provides a premium license that gives us a complete access various scripts.

This will help us to greatly expand our potential client base permitting us to have an easy, single click installation for the online projects as diverse as a project management system, question and answer the sites, video hosting & podcasting.