Secure Sockets Layer stands for SSL; it is a standard technology for establishing an connection encryption between web servers i.e. host and the web browser client. This connection between these two makes sure that whole of the data should pass between them privately and intrinsically. It is an industry standard which is used by millions of websites to protect the online transactions of money with their customers.

The SSL certificate is used for creating an encrypted connection between the user's web browser and the web server. That means any data transmitted b/w the web server and the client browser cannot be read without being decrypted. This protects whole data from being spied/ hacked by someone else on the web/ internet as encrypted data cannot be understand by them.

Most of the SSL Certificates include the domain name, name of company, addresses, city, state, and their country. It contains an expiration date of certificate and the details of the Certificate Authority that is the company who issued the SSL.

When any browser attempts to establish the SSL connection to any website, first it checks to make sure that the certificate is not expired and has been issued by the trusted authority, which is being used for the correct website.

Some of the cons of SSL are as → Cost of Certificate is one of the con, which is possible to get a free SSL certificate, but this isn’t recommended because a lot of reasons. Depending on the type of buy, the price will vary acc. to it. However, when we want to consider the added level of security, the cost isn’t really prohibitive for many web sites.

Other one is Mixed Modes, in this if SSL implementation setup is not correctly done and we still have some files being served through HTTP rather than HTTPS, visitors are going to get warning message in the browser that specify your data is not protected. Then this can be a lot confusing to website visitors.

Other con is Proxy Caching, in which if we have the complex proxy caching system setup on the web server. The encrypted content isn’t able to be cached and need to add a server to handle this encryption before it get to the caching server which will require additional costs, but it’s a good way to make sure you’re encrypting your visitors’ data when they’re accessing your data.