Rails is an open source web application framework which runs through the Ruby coding language. With Ruby on Rails, we can create a fast & powerful database driven web app. Softaculous is a commercial scripting library that automates the installation of commercial & open source web apps to a site.

Softaculous scripts are implemented from the administration area of a site control panel basically through an interface tool like cPanel, Plesk, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin & InterWorx. Softaculous targets an open source software & is available in the pro & free versions. Softaculous apps generally make tables in a database, install the software, adjust allowances & modify the web server configuration files.

The pro version offers a single step installation of over two eighty applications. The free version supports installation of more than fifty apps. Ruby on Rails may be powering about 0.5 percent of our world’s sites but there are chances that we have used some of the sites which are powered by RoR.

We might be looking to host the open source Ruby app for the personal use or we just want to create a small site by using Ruby on Rails or we could be creating an app which requires scalable infrastructure. So we have to decide about the choices for the both.

The basic plan supports only one website whereas the other two support an unlimited number. The Turbo plan alone involves a dedicated IP address & a different panel for every website and even a basic plan has enough resources in order to support Ruby on Rails. A shared hosting plan cannot be sufficient to handle much more than a moderate amount of traffic.

For this, we have to move on to the cloud hosting plan or a VPS. The Cloud web plan is designed with the completely redundant backup components with a lot of automatic failover. It is basically made ready for the businesses which can be online 24*7 but doesn’t have much traffic to justify the expense of a cloud VPS.

Various providers guarantee 99.99 percent uptime for the line of cloud web hosting plans. A lot of web hosts can offer Ruby on Rails hosting but not many of them are similar. We have been given some good choices in economy shared hosting, moderately costed cloud VPS hosting & the premium priced cloud VPS hosting. As a good VPS or a dedicated host must support Ruby on Rails, we might need to shop around for the various providers.