The Reseller hosting is a kind of a web hosting in which the account holder a right to utilize his/her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host the webs on the behalf of third parties. A reseller buys services of a host in wholesale & after that, it sells them to the customers possibly for gains.

A particular portion of space and bandwidth of the hard drive is allocated to a reseller account. The reseller might rent a dedicated server from a host company or can resell the shared host services. In shared host services, a reseller is given permission to sell the particular size of the disk space and bandwidth to their own clients without paying rent to a server from web hosting company with whom one signed for a reseller account with.

A reseller host does not only need an extensive information of the technical aspects of a web host. Basically, a data centre operator is responsible for repairing the network infrastructure & hardware & a dedicated owner configures, protects & upgrades the server.

A reseller is a lot responsible for interfacing with one’s own customer base but any hardware, software & the connectivity problems are typically forwarded to a server provider from whom a reseller plan was owned. To be a profitable reseller firm, it generally involves an extensive advertising in order to get the customers. The resellers should devote huge ad budgets to compete with the established tech-rivals as web hosting is one of the largest online business as every web requires hosting.

A typical web host reseller may be web designing firm, a website developer or a system integrator who provides web hosting as add-on services. The reseller hosting is a cheaper way for the website hosting entrepreneurs to begin a company. Most of the reseller hosting plans permit the resellers to build their service plans & select their own pricing agenda. In various types of cases, the resellers are able to create their own branding through the customized control panels & the servers.

A reseller host is believed to be as a relationship between the wholesaler & the retailer. A web hosting company i.e. a wholesaler leases a space on the servers to the resellers who are retailers. A reseller is able to distribute & price the space that they have leased for i.e. much more bandwidth, disk space & the price that is required.

The resellers can generally set up & manage customer accounts through a web interface, basically a point & click control panel. These are generally sold with a free end user support, WHMCS which is an all in one customer management, paying & a support solution for various online businesses, reselling SSL to the customers at a low price & keep any gains & reselling the domains along with the hosting from the hosting company.