PHP is most widely used scripting language among the clients as the applications like Joomla etc. are based on it. The way in which PHP is managed on our servers is very unique & gives a guarantee that any PHP based site will be quicker & more protected than ever. But we do not only customize the servers for a better PHP performance but we also permit much more PHP options than any other hosting company.

With PHP hosting, we can very easily insert the multiple PHP modules. The powerful servers need to be optimized & ensure about the best PHP performance. PHP can be moved to RAM so as to run much quickly. It should be customized & much more stable in handling PHP, 24*7 proactive uptime monitoring and MySQL setup on SSD on the geek plan.

The support must be extremely quick and if we need a custom PHP or we have any other issue, we should be able to count on them, experience the issues related to PHP. The support must be available 24*7 through the phone, chat and tickets. The best will be to support the PHP & MySQL with no type of restriction.

We must get a full access to the current versions of PHP and MySQL. The following PHP features should be fully supported i.e. PHP mail() function & sendmail, Curl, GD2 library, XML, Zend, ht access support, fopen() & PHP sockets & zend optimizer support.

OcPanel is the one of the most advanced control panel used in the industry. It has a ton of features & is easy to utilize. cPanel is generally used by the paid hosts but the free version of that is also good. It should support PHP & MySQL without any restriction.

The PHP engine should come with all the features & the functions enabled. We must be able to switch to any PHP version in just a single click & manage the databases with phpMyAdmin tool.

We should now be able to create our site very fast & easily. We can choose one of many ready templates & have our website ready in just five minutes time.

It should not contain text links, no unwanted pop ups and no annoying banners, no mandated forum posting and the site should be 100 percent ad free. They must offer the most dependable & feature rich hosting with an awesome user support.