PayPal is one of the secure and worry free purchase method for the web hosting subscription rather than using a credit card. More than 100,000 hosting companies are present over the Internet, and mostly 95% of these companies are the startup and very small companies which is just operated by fewer employees (even less than 5).

We providing our full personal information to a non trusted company can just make our money in a great risk; and we have heard that in most of the cases the web hosting subscriptions cannot be cancelled before the customers cancelled/ discard their credit cards.

Whereas PayPal do not prefers the payment via credit card instead of that It charges 4% of the total bill as a fee. Other companies as HostGator has very high renewal rate. These expensive renewal rate when comes to the attention of customers for PayPal payment again.

The web hosting companies can charge your credit cards without the further notification as the customers had signed up the approval with the Terms & Services with a lot of complicated terms, though they have not read them in such a detail.

Accepting credit card, debit card, and PayPal payments directly on to the website without any use of a merchant account is possible. The integrate PayPal web hosting with our website, and it make things much easier for the customers.

We need to have a merchant account if we want to accept any of the payments through credit card or debit card from clients. Basic merchant accounts can be more costly both in startup and maintenance terms.

It is to cover the fees seller must have to pay so that to properly maintain their merchant accounts by their credit card providers. But using PayPal hosting, we can skip the hassle of having a merchant account first, because itself PayPal is the merchant account.

It also allows us to collect the payment information to be processed at the later dates that provide account accesses to their multiple employees, being able to customize the payment page to match the looks and feel of the website, and many more.

From location to location / or country to country, The PayPal fees vary according to it and it also depends upon sales volume. Applications are reviewed easily and approved within five to seven business days.

They can be integrated into our website with HTML, with API buttons, or even through shopping carts /or e-commerce platforms.