Open Source Commerce which is abbreviated as OsCommerce is an e-commerce & an online store management software program. It can be utilised on a web server which has PHP and MySQL installed in it. It is present as a free software under general public license.

The two latest releases of OsCommerce are version 2.3 which is stable and other is 3.0 which is in development. These two versions are developed as the two seperate programs & do not share the code as such. Contributions, which is an official name for open source community developed plugins are developed for either 2.x or 3.0 & are incompatible with each other.

A hosting provider must be aimed to provide us with a no hassle & no string attached hosting service at a reasonable price with a lot of support. The host provider must provide us the easiest method to receive our osCommerce website and an email online. That is how easy a service should be. With a single click installation of osCommerce, we can get our business or a personal site that we need quickly and effectively.

A host provider must provide some of the greatest features and support which is available at a fraction of a cost of the leading providers. One should be able to create his/her own feature rich website in a matter of minutes and should contain various features like unlimited disk space, an unlimited bandwidth, unlimited webs, a single click installation, free domain transfer, few days money back guarantee, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MYSQL databases and advanced security with suPHP.

OsCommerce is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms for businesses. It's a lightweight platform that features a customizable nature, a wide support network and a resource-efficient back-end that allows you to create the e-commerce platform that your business needs to succeed. It must be available for everyone with no additional prices included. It should be easy to use.

OsCommerce does not need an advanced technological knowledge & can be very easily set up by the users with not much experience. It should be customizable and functional. OsCommerce is template based and very easily customizable inorder to meet particular requirements of the different users. It must support a wide range of payment and shipping options along with some other features which can be added for free by using more than thousands of add-ons. It should be stable and safe.

OsCommerce is pretty secure with very little or no security issues at all. It should be highly capable so that this platform can handle large amounts of the products without any unexpected slow-downs and the interrupts.