Magento Hosting

Magento provides an open source e-commerce platform that is written in PHP. The software was basically established by Varien Inc. this is a US private company which is headquartered at California with some assistance from the volunteers. Varien established the first general availability release of software on March 31 in the year 2008. Roy Rubin who is the former CEO of Varien has sold the substantial share of this company to the eBay which completely acquired & then spun off this company. According to the researchers, in May 2015, the Magento's market shares among the thirty most famous e-commerce platforms were about 29.8 percent. Magento 2.0 was released in November 2015.

 The enterprise grade scalability, the improved performance & a good code base are one of the few benefits of the Magento version. Magento has employed the MySQL and the Maria DB RDBMS, the PHP coding language & the elements of a Zend framework. It applies the conventions of object-oriented coding & the model view controller architecture. Magento has also utilised the entity attribute value model to save the data. Magento offers some general themes that sets up an eCommerce web. The theme is established for customizing all the pages by addition or the editing of the PHP, HTML & CSS. Magento users can install the themes that transform the display of a site and also its functionality.

Without any loss of the content or the layout of pages, the themes are transformable with the Magento installations. Themes are downloaded by uploading the theme folders through FTP and SSH & by applying them by using the backend admin system. The Magento is a shopping cart which allows anyone to sell any kind of commodity on net. The business plans are recommended for the Magento with a free dedicated IP address & a free private SSL certificate. Magento is so one of the most widely used platforms for eCommerce in utilization today.

The customization options & the ease of utilization has made it wonderful for anyone from a novice to the seasoned online sellers. By using Magento, it ensures about a stable platform to grow our eCommerce business. We can increase our products, increase our customers & also increase our volume. The number of users are a testament to the scalability & usability & thousands of extensions are provided for us to customize the Magento experience. It provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, is flexible