MODX Hosting is a web content management stage for those who truly care about no compromise design and unique user experience. It allows you to complete control over your site and content, with the flexibleness and scalability to prepare to your changing needs.

Your CMS should not at all stand in the way of contacting your brand and delivering content that converts. People who are doing are told to accept the restraint and frustrations imposed by many other platforms. With the help of MODX Revolution, you can create exactly whatever you want, without any limits.

Designers need to take the ground breaking or trend smashing mockups to mark-up in MODX, without any time. Developers need to keep sanity and your custom code safely that is separated from content and presentation. Assuredly turn your complete project over to the site owner or client.

A web development and hosting stage do not like each other. Develop ,deploy, manage and upgrade sites with indescribable ease, on systems precisely tuned for MODX. Easily Snapshot an existing site, make changes, test, and push back to production without skipping a beat. It is so easy, even your creative director can do it.

Either if you are searching for a developer to build your next website project or you need help with an existing development, MODX can help. You can search any community forums for DIY fix, or choose one of the two options below to hire a professional.

No platforms as compared to MODX for creating robust sites, exactly how you want them to look, with zero creative restrictions. Your site building tool must fit your creative vision, should not impose restrictions and force compromises.Either you want a completely blank slate to start a new project, or to begin with a custom set of Add-ons and a mobile responsive frameworks to start, you are in total control over what you include, how you build your websites.

The MODX installer allows the site administrators to install and migrate Content, Templates, Add-ons or even complete websites without missing any steps or dependencies all from inside the MODX Manager.MODX allows you to create custom implementations of many more core features without resorting to hacks. This can protect our development investment and ensures us to maintain an upgrade path and total control over our site functionality.

MODX gives multiple options for managing multi-language websites, one that is sure to fit. Culture Keys and Contexts provides us with a system-wide Internationalization settings, and the hook for controlling anything that needs Localization. Websites should not fail under their own success. MODX is architected to scale. MODX supports scaling smartly with things like Varnish or the old fashioned way of loading up balanced servers and databases.