What Is Java JSP Hosting?

Java Server Pages abbreviated as JSP is a programming language on the server side. Inorder to deploy and implement the Java Server Pages, the compatible web server along with a servlet container like Apache Tomcat is needed. Knowing that Java is a very popularly used language, then also it is hard to find web hosting services which support the Java Server Pages (JSP), at a sharable hosting level.

The reasons behind this are that JSP is a very resource scarce and could be threatening in terms of security. The Java server is complex and hard to run so basically it can also drive up the costs. So a majority of users are willing to use PHP scripting language as their back end.

Various good JSP hosts are as follows: Arvixe : this offers a business class shared hosting. A2 Hosting : is a VPS host which supports the java server pages through the Tomcat hosting. Rose Hosting : is a VPS provider which provides a Tomcat or a JVM package as a part of the VPS plans. MochaHost : is the one who supports the Tomcat or the java server pages on the shared hosting plans. WebFaction : is a premium shared hosting provider along with the dual server configuration which supports the JSP or the Tomcat.

An Arvixe is a good hosting provider with a number of packages, options & various types of the hosting services. They provide distinct grades of shared hosting along with a VPS, reseller and a dedicated hosting. They even provide the windows hosting. They even provide a Tomcat or a JSP package which can be inserted to a line of shared hosting plans. Its not a usual case and we can save money if shared hosting works for us.

A2 Hosting has been in business from 2001. The use of a SSD is a significant feature which we can look for in a resource intensive app like the JSP. Rose Hosting provides a huge range of services varying from the shared hosting to the dedicated servers. The list of various VPS features are: completely managed, unlimited webs and a weekly backup. Mochahost: has a particular Tomcat or a JVM plan which gives us the various tools. We can either go with a shared plan or any of the two business plans namely, linux or the windows. cPanel control panel is a standard for Linux plans and Website Panel comes with windows. WebFaction: they have their own ideology on the shared hosting mechanism. In a lot of ways, the description makes it look like a VPS hosting service whereas it’s not.