The web hosting service is a kind of internet hosting service which enables the individuals and the individuals to make the website accessible through the world wide web(www). The web hosts are the various companies that provide some space on a server that is owned and is leased for usage by the various clients as well as providing the internet connectivity basically in the data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for other servers located in their data center which is known as colocation.

The web hosting varies greatly in terms of scope. The primary part is a web page and small scale file hosting in which the files could be uploaded through file transfer protocol or a web interface. The files are basically delivered to a web with the least processing. A lot of internet service providers offer the service free of cost to the subscribers whereas the individuals & the organizations can obtain the web page host from some other service provider. A personal web hosting is basically free of cost, ad sponsored low in cost. A business web host basically has a greater cost depending on the size & the type of site.

A one page hosting is basically enough for personal webpages whereas a complicated site calls for more comprehensive package which gives the database support & app development platforms like Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails. Secure socket layer is generally used for the webs which are interested to keep data transmission much secure.

Free web hosting is provided by the companies with the limited services which are sometimes supported by the ads and limited as compared to the paid hosting. In shared web hosting, a person’s web is put on the similar server as most of the other sites varying from a few webs to hundreds of sites. Reseller web hosting permits the clients to be the web hosts on their own.

The resellers account can differ in size, they can have their own virtual dedicated server or a co-located server. In dedicated web hosting, a user gets his/her own web server & gets full control on it. The user basically doesn’t own a server. A type of dedicated hosting is self-managed. It is typically the minimum expense for the dedicated plans. A user has a complete administrative control on the server which means that a client is responsible for security of the server & the maintenance of one’s own dedicated server. In Managed web hosting, a user has his/her web server but it is not permitted a complete administrative access over it.

However these are permitted to control the data through FTP and some remote management toolkits. A user is not allowed a complete control so a provider can assure the quality of service by not permitting a user to change the server or to potentially make configuration errors. A user basically doesn’t have their own server. A server is leased to a client.