FTP is defined as one of the most preferred ways of downloading & uploading the files online. This is the reason why we offer the optimized FTP settings in case of our servers & the 24*7 technical support in order to resolve the FTP issues so we will ensure that our FTP connections will run smoothly on the servers & are protected, quicker & very well supported.

The FTP server setup permits the secured transfer over the explicit TLS or SSL. We do not require any additional private SSL for the account to use it. As we make sure that we check the option for FTPs in our FTP client during uploading and downloading & the default SSL on our server will be utilized in order to secure this transfer.

SSH access is permitted by default on all the plans, so that we can enable SSH file transfer protocol for any type of hosting account on the servers. By using a third party hosted FTP service, we mean that our files are protected without the effort of doing it ourselves.

A hosted FTP means that a third party runs our FTP hosting for us which means that we have very less to worry about in case of operational prices, maintenance of the server and the security updates. We can focus on running our own business by not worrying about the technology.

A third party hosted FTP service offers wide range of advantages like with FTP hosting, we get a lot more than just the protection & reliability, we receive an easy to use web based tool which offers us complete control over our account, files & the users as well as the stability & performance which we get from the direct FTP access.

This offers us benefits in which we do not require to make or maintain tools of our own, not to mention the servers & network infrastructure. To have a FTP storage hosted for us is highly inexpensive as compared to the alternative & it means that we can spend our time & energy by thinking about our own business. In excess to offer the high speed FTP or the SFTP hosting, we would access our files & manage the users through SWFT web interface.

One necessary issue which should come to our mind while trying to decide on a hosted FTP solution is security and protection. For many, the business security is very necessary. All transfers by using our web based tools are done through HTTPS which means that we have options which match with our workflow that natively encrypt our transfers so that we can go through our day to day business tasks fully tension free.