Front page is used to easily move the site to new web host. Before moving the site by using FrontPage, Some detail should be taken into account, that are existing web host FrontPage user name and the FrontPage password and from the new host you need its username and password. The domain log in details is also needed from the domain registrar.

Most of the web hosts provide some form of email access to the customers. As if the previous web host allowed the user to receive email addressed to a us at our domain like as demo@my.domain or barry@my.domain and our new web host also offers this service, then we will need to create an email account on the new web host for each and every of the email accounts on we have on old web host.

So steps to download the web site onto new host are as: The first and important step in moving the site using FrontPage is to download the local copy to our home or to office computer. If we already have a local copy, then we do not need to download it again. FrontPage makes downloading the site quite easy and straight forward.

For achieving this , we needed to open the website directly from our web host by using the Open Web option from the File menu and enter the address of the web site (for example http://www.ourname.domain). Once we have done this, then we can just select Publish as we would when uploading, but instead of specifying to publish to our site, publish it to a local folder instead. Ex: C:our website. Once this step has been completed, we need to verify that we have a folder on our computer which contains a copy of our website. Any of the HTML files from the folder should display correctly when loaded in the web browser.

Once we have downloaded our site, and have transferred the domain, we are ready to upload the site to new web host.

If we load the web address (e.g. http://www.ourname.domain) in the web browser, we should see an Under Construction page. If this is the case, then it means domain transfer is complete, and it’s ready to upload the page as exactly the same way as we always have.

Simply use FrontPage to open the copy of the Web site which is stored on the home or office computer, and publish it to the site. For any problem we can consider FrontPage manual and documentation provided by the new web host.