The Cloud computing is a type of model which is used for enabling the convenience, on demand network access to a shared pool of highly configurable computing resources like the networks, its servers, storage space, applications and other services which can be provisioned very rapidly and released within minimal managerial effort or the service provider interactions. This type of cloud model can promotes the availability and its composition of five essential characteristics, the three delivery models, and their four models related to deployment.

The Enterprise cloud computing is one of the special case of using cloud computing features for the competitive advantages via breakout opportunities for both cases of cost savings and for business innovation in the means of un-precedent speed and agility with highly improved collaboration among the business partners and their customers.

On the other cost side of the equation, Most of all, IT sectors and data center costs can be highly reduced and can also be tied directly to usage, rapid elasticity, up or down as depending upon the needs.

We do not have to upload more installation files or create & configure the databases, we can now simply install the programs by normally clicking on the link. Softaculous is free with each of the shared hosting accounts, VPS or the dedicated hosting customers who can buy a Softaculous license from the AMP.

But talking about on the revenue side, there is more, much more. Its risk and expenses for startup for the innovation initiatives can be cut down dramatically. That is letting companies to take more small bets and test it out more new ideas.

With no such upfront capital expenses, new projects can be start up instantly if they take off, or shut down quickly if they fail. This Massive scalability and up or down elasticity give the companies a very whole new sandbox for testing the new business ideas and growing them if they take off the heights.

Companies cannot work alone, as on average, and over 20 companies make up today’s value chains. This Cloud computing allows the different companies to collaborate in very much new ways with its all trading partners, and high collaboration is now the key for gaining competitive advantages across the whole value chain.

By establishing the shared workspaces in the community Clouds, their employees from multiple perspective companies can work all together as like a whole virtual enterprise network and can function as although they were a single company. These all companies participate in the same value delivery system and sharing their computing, communication, information resources and many more. And this is very much important as now not a one single company owns the overall chain value by itself.