The web hosting services are the type of service regarding Internet hosting which allows people and companies to make their web sites accessible through the World Wide Web. Web hosts are basically the companies which provide space on the server either owned or leased for uses by the clients, as well as they provides Internet connectivity, likely in the data centers. Internet hosts can also provide the space for data centers and connectivity to the web for other servers located in the data center, that is called collocation, or can also known as the Housing (mostly used in France /Latin America).

A new type of hosting platform which allows powerful, scalable and reliable hosting for customers, based on the highly clustered load balanced servers and their utility billing is the cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting use the concept of cloud computing. It is basically a type computing based on Internet, in which shared resources, data and information are provided to the computers and other devices depending upon the demand. It is simply a model for enabling ubiquitous, and provide on demand access to the configurable computing resources shared pool.

This and storage solutions provide users and companies with various capabilities to store the data as well process the data in a third party data centers. It relies on resources sharing to achieve the coherence and balanced economies of scale which is similar to the utility such as electricity grid over the network.

On the foundation of cloud computing, it is a broader concept of infrastructure convergence and also shared services. It is also known as on demand computing because of its features Now a cloud hosted website can be more reliable and effective than the alternatives since the other Pc’s in the cloud may compensate when the single piece of hardware goes down.

Also, the disruptions occurring in the local power or even likely the natural disasters are much less problematic for the cloud hosted web sites, as it is done in decentralize manner.

It can also allow the providers to charge users only for the resources that are consumed by them, not a flat fee for amount the user expects they will use, or fixed cost for up front hardware investments or the lack of centralization can give less controls to users regarding on where their data is located as it can be the problem for users likely with data security or /privacy concerns.

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