The hosted blogs are those to whichthe most people shape to because they want to give a try to blogging. For this we have to just sign up for an account & we get a blog. The blogs are really very great if we have reallyjust began with our career & we want a thing which is free & is easier to utilize with a minimum plan of mucking it up.

Some have especially the advantages like being able to re-blog other people’s posts. Each & every website does not have its own advantage & will work great for some people. However, along with their advantages, they also have some limitations that far outweigh the advantages.If we want to create a blog or a site to make money, then we require our own domain name & a self-hosted blog but this blog-hosting has a number of limitations. They have a very limited control.

Most of the free blogs do not permit us to tweak the programming that makes up the framework of the website. This can sound slightly daunting for a beginner but someday we will need to get in there & modify the code or have to pay someone in order to insert some new features &updates. We don’t own our blog. The greatest limitation is that we do not really own our own blog, else it belongs to a provider.

It is not good for the google rankings as it is very well-known fact that google doesn’t provide as much weight to the priceless blogs on their search outputs because they do not rate them as being as authoritative. By hosting our own blog with our own domain name, we are signalling to Google that we mean business& we are there for business. They provide the limited design options.

In case of a self-hosted blog, we can upload own themes, hire the designers and much more. We can tweak the layout & modify the complete look & feel but with a free blog, we cannot. We are generally stuck with whatever a free blog host offers that means that our blog will be looking like a lot of others. It is also bad for branding. One thing many people do not realize is how significant it is to have our own domain name. We can do it on many of the free hosts now but it is basically an area of self-hosted blogs. It is very significant for creating up our brand over the years.The most flexible, strong &a professional way to run a blog is with its own domain name & own host.

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